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Welcome to the Indophone Networks

Welcome to the
Indophone Networks

Fiber Optics Technology

Fiber optics, or optical fibers, are long, thin strands of carefully drawn glass about the diameter of a human hair. These strands are arranged in bundles called fiber optic cables. We rely on them to transmit signals .

1 Gbps Data Rate

Lighting High Speed Internet is being experienced by the users, Indophone  provides up-to 1 Gbps speed in a very low price

Better Connectivity

Indophone uses the latest optical technology which helps you to get better connectivity at your place.

Mesh Router

Experience the power of mesh technology and superior signal strength.

Why choose Indophone Networks.?

Indophone brings to you an incredible optic fiber broadband experience. Powered by revolutionary Indophone Smart Fiber technology, our broadband delivers unparalleled internet and WiFi connectivity round the clock.
  • Enjoy buffer-free 4K video streaming
  • Experience high FPS gameplay
  • Get Uninterrupted connectivity
  • Connect multiple devices with Indophone  ’s dual-band router
  • Get doorstep service with zero-cost installation
  • Delight your family with the ultimate broadband experience.
  • Bring home Indophone  and FeelTheAdvantage today!!!

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Home Plan
  • 599/Month
  • 1599/Quarterly
  • 2999/Halfyearly
    Pay for 5 Months + Get1 Month Extra
  • 5399/Yearly
    Pay for 9 Months + Get3 Months Extra


Home Plan
  • 799/Month
  • 2199/Quarterly
  • 3999/Halfyearly
    Pay for 5 Months + Get1 Month Extra
  • 7199/Yearly
    Pay for 9 Months + Get3 Months Extra


Home Plan
  • 999/Month
  • 8999/Quarterly
  • 2699/Halfyearly
  • 8999/Yearly
Best Seller


  • 799/Month
  • 999/Month
  • 1499/Month